Aloha!  Hi!  Hey!  Waz'up!  Jim breep seur!  Bonjour!  Ja'orana!  Hola!

My name is Aria.  I write this blog.

I began this blog for my mother.  She likes to know everything, all the time.  I don't always like talking about me, so I figured if I blogged I could tell stories and use pictures so that she wouldn't go track down people or events I was talking about on facebook.  Did it work?  Not really.  My next function for the blog was to catalog the things I was learning- stuff that was useful.  I still post stuff like that sometimes.  My next reason for having a blog was to keep track of all my ridiculous stories; there are a fair amount of them.  Now it is a sorry excuse for keeping everyone moderately up-to-date on my life....and all the other things too.

I'm from the Battle Born State.  If you listen to The Killers, you probably know that I'm referring to Nevada, or you just really know your American History, or you have no idea what I'm talking about.  I'm actually from Las Vegas, but I'm careful who I tell that to.  I love Las Vegas, but it represents things on the world stage that I don't want to be associated with.  You know what I do want to be associated with?  Good things.  Namely, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   That's right. I'm a Mormon.
I know it.  I live it.  I love it.

This is my family in front of the Las Vegas Temple;
no that isn't a midget, that's the baby. She hasn't hit her double digits yet.
When she does, she'll be on the same plane as the rest of us, no worries.

Home: I've decided that home is wherever you are loved.  Since God loves me, I can be home wherever I am. 
Physical homes?  Nevada, Northern Utah with most of my extended family, and O'ahu where I attend BYU-Hawaii, Cambodia where I did an internship.

I am a music major.  I suppose I am a musician, but whenever I say that people assume that I'm going to go pro.  I'm not.  Don't get me wrong, I love music and few things bring me greater joy than participating in a high quality performance group.  My calling in life lies elsewhere.  Don't really know where yet, but it's not in professional musicianship.

I spent 3 months living in Cambodia, teaching English, computer literacy, and music at the Cambodian and International Children Friend Organization (CICFO) for an organization called ICHope that I basically helped start.  I was the first intern.  

In this blog you will find: funny stories, not-so-love-stories, informative tidbits, a few sentimental moments, updates on good things that go on around me.  The only love story you'll find here is me, learning to love myself...'the beginning of a lifelong romance'.  (No I don't remember who said that)  For now, that's where I'm at.

Whether they be mishaps, learning experiences, moments of growth, or something fun, every experience is an adventure.  Even when there is nothing polite to say about it, you can always chalk it up to experience.  Experiences = adventures.  Adventure is out there!  .....what are some other cheesy adventure lines....  eh, that'll do.


  1. I hadn't noticed this new part of your blog until you mentioned it. When you revised your blog I there was a lot of other stuff to take in and I didn't notice the new "about me" button. It really does work well for the primary reason you started it. Thanks. And it was the author Oscar Wilde who had Lord Arthur Goring said it in "An Ideal Husband"--for those who don't already know. The movie with Rupert Everett in that role is well worth your time.

  2. ok, i hadnt noticed this page until now and i love it. its perfect. and also, i really love that picture of your family! you all look so good!