Wednesday, March 26, 2014

20-something days.

8 weeks ahead

Prepare a budget Budgets are always in process.  we've got a skeleton.
Meet with the in-laws to discuss date and how expenses will be shared hey, this is all official now!
Schedule a photographer for engagement photos (immediately), bridals, wedding day (we used 3 different people) check
Shop for wedding dress and all accessories  needs to be cleaned.

7 weeks ahead
Order cake cake, right.

6 weeks ahead
Select and purchase groom's ring HA! done
Reserve rental items (backdrops, decorations, etc.)  Calling Brother Kaitoku...soon.
Order or purchase supplies for favors and for decorating: tablecloths, centerpieces, everything! Still a Brother Kaitoku thing

5 weeks ahead
Start addressing invitations I would have liked them to be done on the 12th-14th, but they are finally printed. 
Plan honeymoon and transportation and make arrangements No new news
Purchase temple clothes  can't do that until I have a recommend, I checked. 

4 weeks ahead
Finish addressing invitations- done, for the Hawaii people and everyone on  the Google form
Register for gifts done. 
Determine menu and order supplies if needed working
Schedule temple recommend appointments  aka, camp in front of Hannemann's office and then MacArthur's

3 weeks ahead
Mail invitations early in the week-absolutely no later than the 28th. pllllllease.
Make sure wedding party clothing is completely purchased (jewelry, shoes, etc.) not my job
Get marriage license working
Purchase or order accessories such as cake knives and servers, garter, guest book and pen got the guest book, need the other things.
Evaluate the tables and decorations at the reception, make sure you have EVERYTHING

2 weeks ahead
Talk to photographer/videographer about special shots you need
Double check all reservations (temple, place of reception, florist, hair stylist, caterer, photographer, cake, rental items, honeymoon)
Gather any borrowed items
Make freezer meals to feed out-of-town guests during wedding week huh.  good thought. 

1 week ahead
Pack for honeymoon 
Get manicures, pedicures, wax your eyebrows 
Groom's haircut- DONE! 
Final guest counts
Purchase food- as if it isn't already in the fridge.
Compile fix-it kit-safety pins, needle and thread, ibuprofen, bobby pins, mints, nylons, makeup

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  1. That freezer meals thing . . . I was figuring we'd stop at Costco when we arrive and purchase stuff like that. Feeding us while we're there is the last thing you need to be worrying about now. For the wedding party clothes--only thing left is one dress to sew for Eliza. We have the fabric and are working on the fit with random other fabric. We should probably think about what your Dad will wear other than his suit at some point.