Tuesday, April 8, 2014

the last of the double digits.

8 weeks ahead
Shop for wedding dress and all accessories  shoes....

7 weeks ahead
Order cake cake DONE!

6 weeks ahead
Select and purchase groom's ring Needs work

5 weeks ahead
Plan honeymoon and transportation and make arrangements Planned, almost paid for
Purchase temple clothes  can't do that until I have a recommend, I checked. 

4 weeks ahead
Register for gifts simpleregistry.com/spencerariaorr
Schedule temple recommend appointments  RED ALERT HERE...because nobody answers their phones during conference

3 weeks ahead
Mail invitations early in the week-still passing the last ones out here in HI.
Get marriage license DONE!
Evaluate the tables and decorations at the reception, make sure you have EVERYTHING not my job 

2 weeks ahead
Talk to photographer/videographer about special shots you need started conversations
Double check all reservations (temple, place of reception, florist, hair stylist, caterer, photographer, cake, rental items, honeymoon) or finish making the reservations...
Make freezer meals to feed out-of-town guests during wedding week need 

1 week ahead
Pack for honeymoon coming up with a list
Get manicures, pedicures, wax your eyebrows ew.
Purchase food- as if it isn't already in the fridge.
Compile fix-it kit-safety pins, needle and thread, ibuprofen, bobby pins, mints, nylons, makeup

Also- Spencer and I are working on our blog, which is spencerariaorr.blogspot.com

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